Healthy Cookie Dough Balls


These Healthy Cookie Dough Balls are a delicious snack and take five minutes to make. They are filled with nut butter and have only five ingredients total.


  1. Posted by audreywardgunde, — Reply

    Really good! It’s kind of rich and I recommend melting the coconut oil so it’s easier to mix the batter together. All in all it’s a good simple recipe.

  2. Posted by ajjhajjh, — Reply

    They taste really good 😋 I used almondpaste instead of peanutbutter And they taste like Nutella 😍

  3. Posted by ha___hannah, — Reply

    These are really good! I was too lazy to put them into balls, so i ate them with a spoon.

  4. Posted by lana_albeetar, — Reply

    It was really great ,I will absolutely do it again and take a pic before i eat it 😂❤️

  5. Posted by eupfold, — Reply

    Yummy!! I added 1/4 cup of coconut flour to make a bit lighter tasting. Works great, kids love them

  6. Posted by robin7598, — Reply

    Very easy and yummy. Especially tasty after they had been in the fridge. Rolled mine in some cocoa. Make again for sure.

  7. Posted by vivianwaliezer, — Reply

    they tasted a lot like peanut butter to me but other then that i guess they were good

  8. Posted by ocharlotte297, — Reply

    Really good, however I suggest doubling the recipe as it doesn't make much.

  9. Posted by diyapatel0425, — Reply

    this recipe is really good!

  10. Posted by JenSawitzki, — Reply

    Don’t use coconut flour it’s naff

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